The next generation of pipe casings are here!

By using the PS-100 pipe casing you save time and trouble for all craftsmen while producing a beautiful finish that pleases the end customer.

Piping is easily done with the patented casing as it can be mounted both on walls and in the ceiling. The installation of the casing is easy and it also allows pressing tools to be used on the pipes as one side of the casing is hinged. Corners and joints are easily covered with the special modules developed for this purpose.

The pipe clamps are rotated into place in the tracks inside the casing. These can later be moved laterally if needed. All corners and joints are covered by modules that are easily clicked into place. The overlapping of the modules (20mm) covers small cutting errors.

When the piping is completed the pipes can be insulated with max. 9mm thick insulation. After insulating the pipes the lid can be installed. The rigid casing gives a neat and professional end result which is relished by all parties.

The casing is also easy to wipe down and keep clean and hygienic.
The lid is easily removed for inspections and service.

PS-100 is constructed for pipes with outer diameters of 15-20 mm. The product is developed with pipe renovations (pipe renewals and replacements) but it can also be used for other purposes where enclosure is desirable.


PS-1006 90° bend
Patent pending

Used for turning on walls or in the ceiling.


PS-1006 90° bend

EAN  6430052670083
LVI  3258206

Package: 1 pc.
Material: ASA
Color: White RAL9016
Dimensions (L x H x D): 124 x 124 x 53 mm

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